Jeremy Goldstein
Jeremy Goldstein
Weapons Armorer / Prop Master

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Jeremy Goldstein is a Weapons Armorer, Prop Master,
and Israeli military veteran based in Los Angeles, CA. After a successful stint as a Creative Marketing Director for an innovative digital production company, Jeremy is quickly making a name for himself in yet another niche of Hollywood filmmaking: Entertainment Weapons Armoring. Over the past 2 years, he has demonstrated his experience, adaptability, attention to detail, and ruthless determination on over 10 feature films, 3 Netflix television series’, multiple national advertising campaigns, and numerous unannounced projects slated for 2019 and 2020 releases.

His vast knowledge of weapon systems – both military and civilian – coupled with his innovative sense of trends and new technologies, make him a valuable asset to any project. His notable recent work includes Armorer and Prop Master credits for Medal of Honor (2018), 3022 (2020),
Guest House (2020), and Friendsgiving (2019), as well as television ad campaigns for Power Rangers (2019) and Pinterest (2019).



Need firearms for your next film, TV show, or music video? 
With access to one of the largest weapon inventories in the world,
Jeremy can draw from THOUSANDS of rifles and handguns throughout history. From the Wild West to SEAL Team 6,
Jeremy has you covered.

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Modern Day

Jeremy is THE expert in 21st century firearms. His real-world knowledge combined with education from some of the top armorers in the world, guarantees your project looks as slick as it can be. There is little Jeremy can't procure or create for your next film. 


world war 1 and 2

Projects of epic proportions like these are one of Jeremy's most requested era's. Having worked on several WW1 & 2 films and mini-series, no one's M1 Garands or MP 40's work as smoothly as the ones Jeremy can supply. 

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80's and 90's

From the US campaigns in Kuwait and Somalia come the dawn of personalized weapons. Whether it be a period piece or homage to the golden-age of action films, Jeremy's eye for detail is crucial in making your movie look "right."  


Western (1800's)

The Wild West done right. Not only can Jeremy provide the best when it comes to single-action revolvers or lever-action rifles, He can also arrange rental of historically accurate belts, holsters, and dummy rounds. This is Tristano & Co.'s bread and butter.

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vietnam war

First-Generation M-16's, AK-47's, SKS's, RPD's, RPG's, and PKM's are just a few of the period-correct firearms Jeremy has access to. When you set out to make your next Vietnam era film, make sure you make the right choice when it comes to armorers: Jeremy.

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flintlocks / black powder

Although Jeremy himself does not oversee the use of flintlock firearms, he is among the roster of experts who do. Jeremy can not only advise on the proper weapons you'll need for your project, but he can refer you to the most qualified on-set professional.   



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